My little old dog: a heart-beat at my feet – Edith Wharton


Let Hercules himself do what he may,
The cat will mew, and dog will have his day.   – William Shakespeare  Hamlet’



To get everyone in the mood for the weekend here are some shots I took last week of some of the canine friends we meet on the park opposite our house.  Pull on the boots, leash Digger and off we go to start the day.  When the sun is out , as it is in these pictures, taking Digger out is a real joy. It’s like watching your children play when they are small, vicarious enjoyment, satisfying.  Teh park opposite has just had the benefit of some cash spent on it, so what was a field with a childrens playground now looks like a real park, with a pleasingly curvy path winding around the trees, a sprinkling of new baby trees where our wildlife meadow will blossom into being, and even a basketball and goalpost for the bigger kids.  Already it has attracted new visitors, and it has breathed life into an under used green urban space. Win, win. I love it when a plan comes together. Everyone needs green space, picnics, bike rides, ball games, just being outside and breathing in the air of open space. It’s not a big thing to arrange, but it is a big consideration of well being . So thanks to all those concerned, the benefactors, the workers, and the residents who voted for its presence. Now for the doggy pics. Can’t get out of it, ha ha!!


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