Looking forward, looking back.

Art, photogaphy, poetry

This is an artwork I have done from a photograph taken in Cornwall last year. I like the sense of old fashioned values that this evokes. It is always the smallest of things that trigger in me a sense of joy and of hope.  The juxtaposition of the fresh green growth against the sturdiness and solidity of the cornish stone appeals to me.  The back street feel of community still exists down there, and of an ability to slow the pace, look at what is around and use what is there.  All this grounds me in a feeling of well-being, a sense of feeling at ease in the world. That is a precious thing. So many distractions take me away from that essential peace, it’s good to focus on when it arrives. There is a tiny poem by the artist and poet William Blake that I have lived with for thirty five years. It occupies a tiny part of my soul.


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