Fenton!!! FENTON!!! Bloody dogs!!!!

I’m delighting in all the nostalgia that these old cigarette cards instil in me – the trips to the corner shop to get a packet of 5 from the machine, we were only nine years old and smoking seemed glamorous and forbidden.  The sweet dissolution of youth!  I had cherished cigarette cards from about the age of three, when they were a gift beyond compare from a beloved uncle, who himself seemed glamorous if not forbidden.  Years later I realised I fell in love for the first time with him, and as he died when I was eleven, he has stayed with me forever young, I still am attracted to men whos features and characteristics remind me of Harry, the dimpled chin, the integrity and the quiet thoughtfulness.

I digress, the cards are archived at the New York Public Library, which has a magnificent database of endlessly fascinating ephemera. I shall be using more in the future I know. For now, here are some more of our four legged friends to please you dog lovers out there. I know you are out there in your droves, but have I chosen well for you?


I like to hear from you, so tell me what you think.

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