Smiles of Spring

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March was once the first month of year, and it wasn’t until 1752 that Great Britain and the colonies converted to the Gregorian calendar. The Romans had adopted January hundreds of years previously , whereas Russia waited until the end of the fifteenth century.  It seems strange in our contemporary world that continents were using different time measures. Now the synchronicity of time is critical in money movement across the globe. But what I do know about March here, is it is generally cold. Despite that there are definite signs that we are in the season of rebirth, and the  birthflower that is associated with this month is the Daffodil. In the language of flowers, daffodil speaks of rebirth, hope and regard. Disconsolately it also whispers about unrequited love, but as that is not particularly hopeful, I shall skim over that.  I love them. I love their sway and swagger, and the bounty of them when they are banked together, they are like the smiles of spring. Hope you like my pictures, the illustration comes via  the site at Kew Gardens. If you can visit Kew in the Spring, lucky you!  

And by the way, unlike Caesar you don’t need to beware the ides of March, ides is just another way of saying  the 15th. Apparently the Romans used the term to denote certain days of the month ,the 15th day of the months of March, May, July, and October, and the 13th day of the other months. |I bet that has set your mind at rest!


2 thoughts on “Smiles of Spring

  1. I like these illustrations very much. I’m a son of a bulb-farmer in the top of North-Holland. I’d grew up with daffodil. Father used to have 2 bunders (2 hectares) of them. Me by myself are a graphic designer. It’s funny…I’d made a lot of performances…….special with tulips and daffodil. I found just one of the pictures on facebook and made a click on it. Thank you very much for this beautiful work !


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