Here’s a post for one of my internet buddies, who’s daft about ducks. this photo was taken on our local nature reserve. I am so happy to live near this place, it is a hop, skip and a jump away, and as soon as I am there I get all the benefits of being amongst nature. Lovely jubbly.  Happy Friday Dr Quack, I like reading his take on life here, http://doctorquack.wordpress.com/

Happy Friday to all out there, busy day today, so I’m off. I shall let Dr Quack take the strain as you all leap over to read his blog!! One or two then! Hopefully.


4 thoughts on “Quackers

    1. amonikabyanyuvva Post author

      Bit of an early experimentation in photoshop, moved one duck from a different version of this raft photo. increased him in size a little and added a few painterly effects. It’s not my best effort, but I couldn’t resist sending Dr Quack some friends! Thanks for reading and commenting.


  1. Doctor Quack

    Tee hee. It’s an honor to be linked by you. I’m genuinely sorry it has taken me this long to get to your blog. You spoke of togetherness and collaboration, and as of late, I haven’t been holding up my end.

    Part of why I like ducks is how they just seem to float wherever the current takes them. And they’re always smiling. I feel like we could learn a few things about ducks. Not necessarily about floating, but perhaps about smiling.



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