Poppy Love

Something about these lolloping, lollipop flowers that makes my heart glad. Aren’t we lucky to share this planet with so many beautiful things?  I know there’s bullets and hardship too, and sorrow hangs around like damp fog in every corner of the world.  Today I want to celebrate the fabulous bounty we share, every day. Let’s collaborate to make everywhere able to share in the beauty of the world.  Start small, in your own way, wherever you can. I shall be there too. Enjoy your day.






2 thoughts on “Poppy Love

  1. Doctor Quack

    Sometimes I feel like realists artists and writers focus too much on the hardships of life, as if real life is where hope goes to die and misery goes to flourish. They speak of depressed inner cities and abusive relationships. I think the realists could learn a thing or two about flowers.


  2. amonikabyanyuvva Post author

    Ironically as I was writing this blog before departing Essex to get the train up to my family home , my eldest son was being mugged and robbed in Leeds. He survived a beating, but I was saddened and anxious naturally. Happily he’s o.k.now though. Shown him alot of flowers over the years, he has resilience!!Take care,



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