In the flow.

I don’t spend alot of time playing about in boats, but I do like the look of them, they make a good focal point in a picture, and the digital painting above started off as a photo from last year in Scotland. Mind you, most years the time we spend with the camera is likely to be in Scotland, so no surprises there. I like the way the boat sits against the seaweedy stuff in the foreground.  I messed about with layers. and composed the picture slightly differently than the original photograph. I am pleased with the end result, and may actually print this one out to add to the collection on the wall.  The one below will print out better at a larger size, as I have layered this one too, and the effect is more obvious when it is larger. There is a texture to the foreground that isn’t really visible here. Oh well, I will still allow it to sit here, waiting for someone like you to click the like button!! We can all dream can’t we?


One thought on “In the flow.

  1. Elizabeth Harper

    I absolutely LOVE this last shot! I’ve been trying to capture that house near the water on Skye since 2003 and it’s always a blurry shot. I’m good with a camera too, but the wind or something always conspires against me. This is so lovely. Thanks for showing me it can be done.

    I’ll get it next time for sure.



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