London Glory

My eldest, Robert took these photographic images of London at New Year.  I like the images as they stand, but the first one I have played about with In Photoshop.  I think it will make a great image for a Christmas card this year.

In the third image, I like the heads in the foreground, and the crane in the background, it makes for an informal picture, and one that may demand similar treatment in photoshop to transform it into a ‘painting’.  I want to use my own images at the moment, (or Roberts)  and produce something that began and ends with my own interpretation , as opposed to borrowing from the masters.  Looking back at art history, these photos of London remind me of paintings by the masters, like Turner.  We are just utilising newer tools than they had.  Off to prepare for the weekend, hope everyone takes some time to relax, and look around themselves refreshed. Adios.


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