Taking a bow

Thanks go to http://jenchay.wordpress.com/ for nominating me. Now comes the hard part. Apparently there is an etiquette to follow, and it goes like this

Thank your nominee

Show an alphabet of likes, (Yikes)

Nominate other blogs .


A  …. Aristotle  , just for interest sake

B       Bailey,My first dog in adulthood. My guardian angel dog. Sadly missed..

C       Chris.  My youngest son. Enough said

D       Digger.  My current hound.

E      Eating,, in moderation of course.

F       Fun

G      Geekiness

H      Hats   , I love ’em, my son loves ’em and they make me think of him

I        Ink   What would we do without it?

J       Jumpers

K       Knitting  see above

L       Love.  Ahh Love. The only thing one ever needs to learn, is to love, and be loved         in return

M      Mums.  Just ace.

N       Nieces and nephews. Love mine.

O       Oddities.  All things slightly askew.

P      Pizza,   Very thin, very Italian, very very good.

Q      Quirkiness. Oh yes.

R      Robert.  First born. Simply gorgeous.

S      Silk. Sadly not enough of it in my life.

T       Truth. Even when it hurts.

U      Uncle Harry.  No longer with us, but the best.

V       Variety  . Being the spice of life.

W      Wool. See knitting.

X       X ray vision. Which I don’t have, but it would be awesome

Y       You lot. Readers. Mine.

Z       Zen.

And my awards for awesome blogs go to






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