An Unlikely Encounter

This will never happen, except in my mind.  Digger, in the foreground is still happily with us.  Pete on the other hand , is not. Pete was a crazy dog, loved life, loved the challenge of escapology, and made his final escape by launching himself off a side of a waterfall in Yorkshire in the pursuit of wildlife.  Sadly he landed on a rock below and broke his back.  I comfort my self by knowing what a fantastic time he had with us, and how much he loved life.  He was a rescue hound, as all are dogs have been, and managed to secure himself a wonderful billet for a couple of years.  He replaced my guardian angel dog called Bailey, and was in turn replaced by Digger, who has managed to hang on to life so far . Again we have the happy privilege of sharing our lives with a complete sweetheart. He has eyes to melt the hardest heart, and his only vice is his utter greed. So this picture, though a complete fabrication in that they never met, does reveal another truth.  The joy of sharing time with man’s best friend.  My dogs are deep in my heart.


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