Favoritism- why it’s a good thing.


What a lovely way with words he has, and couldn’t we all relate to this  at one time or another?  A poetry anthology is a marvellous thing.   I have been compiling one of my own since I was about 16, and I add to it whenever I read a poem or a piece of prose that really resonates.  It is a gorgeous bank of memories, linking me back to the me I was when I first read each poem, like a photo album, but different in that it thrusts me into an emotional landscape connecting me to something outside myself, the poets landscape. I recommend anyone to start one for themselves, and simply add to it whenever the fancy takes you.  Go on, you know you want to.  When I am an old lady, nodding into the fire, I will be able to take myself back in time, to the girl I was at 17, the young woman seeking love, the newly wed. the friend, the fresh mother, and the middle aged me, still curious, still loving the possibilities.



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