What January Blues?

Art, photogaphy, travel

I am working today in my January blues.  Blues don’t have to be melancholy, they can just be blue, and bright , and uplifting.  I have used photo images taken on  one of my journeys to Skye, and worked on them , so that they bring back to me the  sweetness of life, lived quietly, lived simply, with the expanse of the sky and the sea to capture.  Skye is probably my favourite destination, because I do not find travel easy, so I will never be crossing time zones and savouring the wonders of other corners of the world.  I am content to spend my time among the rock and the wind  , knowing my heart is allowed stillness there, and contentment.  I have been considering the images that trigger an emotional response in me, and many of them are seascapes, where timelessness is apparent. Where the demands of the ego are somehow diminished, and I can just breathe, and be.  Find yourself a place, a condition that allows you that freedom. Just to be. I am by nature, attracted to the emptinesss of some slandscape, it offers me refuge, whereas I know others would find this place inhospitable, lacking the stimulus they need to find contentment. I love how we are so similar, and so different at the same time.

This view is taken from a small boat boarded at Elgol, and dropping us at the Cuillen, for a potter and a play amongst the rocks and the lakes.  If you like to be close to nature, this is a glorious trip to take.  The bonus for us this time was the weather.  We had never seen Skye in such bright light, literally transforming the laandscape.  Just glorious. The beauty of being in the middle of this range is it’s sense of history, and completeness , and seperateness from the dramas and crises of modern life.  No one can drive there, you have to get the boat and walk. And sit. Take a flask. Can’t wait to be back.

4 thoughts on “What January Blues?

  1. Your pictures of Skye look amazing and it seems like a great place to persuade people to go – beauty and remoteness, no cars – amazing and fabulous. I need to escape from the city sometimes.


  2. You say your January Blues picture is done from photos you have taken. Whereabouts is this please as I have been trying to place an old photo and it could well be the same view.


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