Took these shore photos of Skye sky reflected in the shore sand last year, and have just been doing some sorting. Shifting sand is pretty much a reasonable visual image of how I view my reality. I have never been able to feel rock solid, like others do. I don’t know whether it is a preferable state or not, but it started me thinking about how fragile our own realities really are. I like listening to people, and hearing what their realities are like. I would capture the human experience as a visual one, as though I am looking through a kaliedoscope at a further kaleidoscope of varying viewpoints. Confusing , but entertaining. And not quite solid.


One thought on “Shifting Sands

  1. Raye

    Just had that conversation yesterday “….kaleidoscope of varying viewpoints…” with a friend whilst sitting in the park. It is affirming: your thoughts, our thoughts…still confusing. However, the entertainment factor remains ever present…and so very high on the list!



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