Daily Archives: December 10, 2011

Stormy weather

Storms make for heightened emotion,  windy weather bringing out the passion for play in youngsters as any teacher will testify. The storm was mellow by the time the winds reached us, so the only damage I suffered was a torn branch on a tree, now lying forlorn and neglected on the lawn, inviting enquiry from the dog.  But it is a reminder of how vulnerable we all are to weather, and how inconsequential against the power of nature. One of my very favoured occupations is watching the sea, particularly in high winds, knowing that my own two feet are firmly placed on ground.  How fisherman must experience the fear and and the glory of wind and tide.  The mixture of adrenaline with sea water salting the fight between survival and disaster.  Death defying, and life enhancing.  I would guess they are a different breed of men. It must colour the whole of being, once gripped by the drama and beauty of it.  What I have found for your delight and delectation are some paintings of sea scapes, to fire imagination.  

The Tempest Peder Balke  at the National Gallery