patterns within patterns within patterns

I have been boggle eyed in amazement watching the powers of 10 film produced decades ago by Charles Eames and updated to include current discoveries. You have to watch it to know what I mean.  This film was actually a distraction from what I had been interested in this week reading about the how our left hemispheres of our brains are dominating our cultures across the world, and how this is damaging our decision making.  The man who has provoked this interest is the polymath Iain McGilchrist. But back to that at a later date. Meanwhile, I am thinking about how the universe and beyond throws up patterns that are similar , the patterns of galaxies  are like looking at the powers of ten images showing activity at atomic level. Try this at home, go tot the link, and compare the images of what you are seeing when the camera is set to  firstly  10 to the power  10 positive,  and then again ten to the power of ten negative.  Spooky eh? Marvelously revealing secrets still locked from our understanding.  I wander into Eastern philosophy, and learn that everything is connected.  Science appears to be telling me the same story.  The interconnectedness of life is surely the path to meaning, and this ties into Iain McGilchrists understanding and theory that we ignore our right hand hemispheres at our peril.  We need to realign ourselves with intuitive thinking, and better understand that it is the flights of imaginative thinking that have allowed mankind to leap  forward, and not be stuck in the bureaucratic thinking that is burying all our institutions , and threatening our experience of humanity.  Einstein was a modern day genius,  he told us “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” . What I would really like you to do is simply click on the link and play with the powers of ten.  Allow yourself to play for a couple of minutes, or twenty.  If you are not amazed, you are a different kind of creature to me. Enjoy.  We will return to patterns.  I don’t know why, I just like them.


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