Living in the Layers









These are the images that played on my mind, last week in Cornwall, immersed in the atmosphere of space, sky, sea.  Nothing makes me calmer, more centred, than spending time amongst the landscape, alongside my partner.

I wish every day had such depth to them, and such sustenance.  We were blissed out , on top of a clifftop, watching the waves move timelessly, effortlessly, seamlessly.  Back I span in my headspace, reliving the beautiful poem by Stanley Kunitz, The Layers.  I have blogged it before, it is worth the full read. Here is an excerpt,








2 thoughts on “Living in the Layers

  1. loveofwords52

    I really love the handwritten poetry alongside such stunning sea scenery. I was near the sea last week but the weather was too wild to go onto the beach I must admit to be slightly envious of anyone who has been close enough to the sea – anywhere – recently.



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