The anatomy of melancholy.


Today’s painting started out somewhat differently to this image, but it had a life of it’ own, and wanted it’s space in the world.  If Ishow you how this painting started out, you will see how big the tranformation is.  I did have a very difficult weekend, dealing with emotions that I was struggling with, and this painting bears that out. That and the very surreal dream I had last night, which took me to places I really don’t want to visit other than subconsciously, and even not then.  Strange start to the week. Hope yours is  a good one. Ever felt conflicted, disoriented, confused?  There isn’t a human being alive that hasn’t at some time shared these feelings. I should think. How do you deal with your subconscious?

Heres the way this painting was beginning to take shape,  told you it was weird.

My Beady Eye.


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