For ALL our sake.

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I was dismayed that the Lords allowed the Health and Social care bill to get through. 
When the professional body itself raises its head above the parapet and says

‘However, we still believe that the government’s reform plans pose an unacceptably high risk to the NHS, threatening its ability to operate effectively and 

equitably, now and in the future. This is why the BMA continues to call for the Bill to be withdrawn or, at the very least, to be subject to further, 

significant amendment.’ - Dr Hamish Meldrum of the BMA.,

I think it is arrogant that our government refuses to listen.  
The public are dependent now, on the Lords scrutinising Lord Owens and Lord Hennessys amendment.
The proposed NHS reforms were not featured in either coalition party manifesto, nor has the bulk of part 3 of the Bill received any scrutiny in the 
Commons. The House of Lords therefore does not just has a right, but a duty, to ensure that this part of the Bill is properly examined, and a select 
committee that can call witnesses is the right way to do this.
Something simple that we can all do is use the link to find out the name of a peer, and either write a letter or email, and show how important the amendment is.

This is beyond party politics, it is our legacy to our children, and our protection for ourselves.











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