Exception to the Rule.

I have to admit to one self help book that provoked my admiration,  I fell in love with it the first time I read it, when my sons were teeny tots. It spoke to  me of overcoming challenge, and inviting the reader to enjoy the journey , whatever the weather, however steep the climb.  Because I am a weak and feeble thing, it  inspired my desire to try again at being part of the madness this world is.  It makes you want to LIVE LIFE.  What a great message to give to youngsters, as they start out on their exploration.  A book like this can’t fail to engage with most young minds, and is fun for the older reader to read with an infant, or a primary school child.  I can’t help but admire how this publishing house has taken Dr Seuss and really run with it. It’s website is full of quackery, and though I would avoid wholesale Dr Seuss, a little goes a long way!!  This pop up version is going on my Christmas List for any tots I know.  I can’t help thinking it is completely appropriate for my eldest,  having taken the plunge this year to leave the nest, and be a student.  I think he’d kill me if I gave it to him though. (He doesn’t always appreciate my attempt at humour). Check it out, even if it is just to raise a smile.



One thought on “Exception to the Rule.

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