Monday morning, and all is well

The world is turning on it’s axis, exactly as it was this time last week, only my world has changed.  Now our house lacks the presence  of my eldest , having exited for university and stepped onto the next stage. Mind you, our house lacks any presence on a Monday morning, since we are all out of it. Literally, not metaphorically. I have adjusted to seeing much less of him over the past year, but it still feels like a loss, as indeed it is. But our loss is Leeds gain, and onward and upward I say.  Good luck to all the freshers this week, all over .

Meanwhile, I have been attempting to make some new images for cards, and have been digitally producing image after image, discarding one after the other.  It’s an important part of any process, the weeding out.  Here’s the chosen ones, so let me know if you like them, or not. Just let me know.


I like to hear from you, so tell me what you think.

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