In a maelstrom





I saw a photo of a tornado in Dakota, and it was the image I wanted to pictorially represent how I currently feel, so I turned it into a digital painting.  Why do I feel like this? Confused, wrung out, as if I have stepped off a playground merry-go -round, disoriented, and very slightly sick. All my focus is absent. Wordless, with an unwelcome uneasy silence.  Usually I feel comfortable with silence, I need it, crave it , use it to enter an emotional landscape from where I can lose myself in some creative process.  This week the silence is a damp, mouldering blanket smothering me, holding me down, making me motionless. I will ride it out, and doubtless arrive the other side in tact.  What a strange, unsettling environ  a tornado is , in Dakota, or in the mind.

Meanwhile, to plunge you into mind blowing areas of cognition, here is a link to a brilliantly produced exploration of the relative sizes of stuff, from sub-atomic particles to the size of the known universe. Something to anchor yourself to when you’re being blown about by a hurricane of the mind.




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