Thanks to my gorgeous neice for showing me a photo of this rams head.  I have used it to turn into a digital painting , and I really like the result!  Rams summon up a mixed bag of emotions in me. They symbolise power and virility, but they also provoke a fearful set of images connected to the black arts. I think I would steer clear of them.

Rams have been used as symbols in a variety of faiths, since antiquity, and probably as a result of the sheep being one of the first animals to be domesticated by humankind, and they have been used in ritual and fable ever since. I like the story of the ram in the Chinese Zodiac, in which the animals were summoned by the Emperor, and would be named in the zodiac cycle determined by who turned up and in what order.  Thus the ram was the eighth in the race. The rat hoodwinked the cat, who therefore never made an appearance and swore vengeance on the rat everafter. And that is why the cat and the rat are enemies. In hindsight I think I would prefer a cat over a rat, but hey ho. I don’t know who told that story first, because apparently cats weren’t introduced in China till after the zodiac, but it’s a good story. Truth should never get in the  way of a good story, that’s how we survive, telling ourselves good tales. Ta ra for now, tomorrow is another day.


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