In the style of;

I love playing about, and have just finished these sketches , copied from sketches Van Gogh made, and using some artistic license with colour.  The freshness of his work is invigorating, and I love the calm spaciousness these images evoke , of a simpler time and place. Work was hard, manual, and tied to the seasons,  but there is  a freedom in it that shines through, a place where the spirit was in sync, in a way that our modern world often does not allow for. I don’t advocate going back in time, but looking back, and taking something from it informs me of the way forward, the importance of stillness, and of silence, and spaciousness. I want to bring these feelings into my world today, and to pass that message on to my family, my loved ones.  And to you of course, the reader of my soliloquys on life.  Good health, good cheer, and good bye for now!!


I like to hear from you, so tell me what you think.

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