Knowing the truth when you see it.

It doesn’t get much clearer than that does it!!  I ran up against this feeling yesterday, logging on to the p.c in the morning, browsing email inbox, and being assaulted by a marketing message directing me to a sale of a lifetime. Duly visited said site, where everything was a tenner!! Unbelievable, as page after page enticed me into considering pens, sunglasses, bags, footwear. Till I realised the hole I was falling down was similar to the one Alice ran into. totally without reality, without any authority, or integrity.  And that was when I stopped. Phew!!! Nothing to check out then, just a vague feeling of slight disgust with myself, ameliorated by the fact I had managed to remove all the items in my basket before releasing any hard cash. Apart from a handbag for my niece , because she is a bag-a-holic, and surely one thing doesn’t count.  I would have bought her one anyway, just not one as nice, or as cheap!!!

All this action was being overseen by my teenage son, who was completely unfazed by the bounty on offer. ” I think you should get the bag Mum, cos she’ll like it”  Job done. And now he knows I can be tempted, so tempted , and step back from the brink. Another win for me!! He thinks I am weak willed and lily livered. Ho hum. Teenage sons can be so hard. So hard. At least he’s not greedy though.





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