Questions, always questions.

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There are innumerable times. in innumerable places that I have been dismissed with the comment ‘You think too much’.  I have usually taken a step back and recognised my position is either upsetting the other person, or I am simply flogging a dead horse.  I am not particularly blessed with the sort of brain power which suggests genius status, and firmly believe that most our difficulties encountered are down to not enough thinking. The difficulty in this process is that it requires the willingness of all parties to partake, and think rather than react. Anyway, what I found interesting was a site about how to think about meaning, when belief systems fail.  My own belief in a ‘god’ thingummyjig faltered about twenty years ago, and during that time I have held onto vestiges of a faith in a system of connectedness of some sort that encompasses the Universe. One of my challenges was the hole left by the lack of religion, and I am constantly drawn to other people’s experiences of searching for meaning.  I liked the style of this video link, and have been drawn to another set of great videos discussing atheism, amongst other interesting ideas.


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