Plastered , but only with pixels.

Friday evening, and another week bites the dust, without me really registering where it all went.  Getting back to finding the creative head space to produce anything is eluding me, since the holiday, but I endeavour .  I am finding enjoyment marrying photography with digital painting, as the results are satisfyingly fast, and I don’t have the requisite patience with painting at the moment, not having the house room to dedicate to leaving all the gubbins out. If gubbins is a word, if it isn’t then it should be.  There is an awful lot of mess with painting, and producing a painting from scratch , while gloriously satisfying, takes lots of outtakes in my experience, thieving time away .  But I can’t help feeling its cheating, when I focus my eye on the digital tools.  I feel I am cheating myself out of the process somehow, so I know this is not an episode that will last forever.  Painting is something I will be doing in ten years time, I hope, when the house is bereft of the boys. And the conservatory will be mine, all mine!!!

In the meantime, here’s a sample so far of today’s playtime.  Enjoy the weekend, tomorrow Nottingham Forest play their first game of the season. Bring it on!!!


One thought on “Plastered , but only with pixels.

  1. P.A.Z.

    My dad is a photographer, and now that I actually have a entry-level camera, I’m dabbling more into the art form. He keeps suggesting I get into the whole painting photographs thing with Corel and PS, which I like. But like you mention here, I can’t help to feel that I’m cheating somehow, like I should at least try to paint with real brushes first as if it should be a requirement.

    But painting would retract from my already crunched time since I’m more of a sketcher/cartooner by nature. Plus, paint brushes intimidate. I’m all about graphite pencils, watercolor pencils, pens, etc. Also, I feel if I prefer to use Photoshop to do photo montages/composites instead. I guess I’m just trying to sort myself out. hehe.

    Look forward to seeing more results from your “playtime”.



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