Looking Out







Back to normal after a few days of sunshine and sea fun at the coast in Cornwall.  I was in a super little gallery, thrilled with the pots and the crafts that were being displayed, and loving the view from the window, this is a digital painting from my photo taken there.  I wasn’t allowed to linger, teenagers can be SO frustrating!!! Luckily for us the weather was amazing, so we were able to while away the hours beached and bleached, diving into the sea to refresh. Well, not actually diving.  More pictures  to follow, still doing the laundry after touching down to reality. Why do machines break down at the most awkward moments?  Still. looking on the bright side, the kitchen floor got cleaned. Twice.


3 thoughts on “Looking Out

    1. amonikabyanyuvva Post author

      Hi,thanks for dropping by, I will be looking you up when I have a bit more time, Well, your blog, anyway, I don’t anticipate visiting Dubai soon. What’s it like there? I imagine all spendy spendy, which would not fit well with me, as I am frugal to a fault. To a fault!!


      1. madryy

        Well, it’s hot. Real hot. If you ever decide to visit, please don’t come in the summer lol. And yeah it is rather expensive unfortunately, but hey it’s home! 🙂


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