Summer triumph!

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This is a snapshot of our Monday, and of the fantabulous summer exhibition at the Royal Academy this year.  It is an annual visit for Chris and I , and we anticipate it , looking forward to the mooch around Covent Garden, and the surprises when we get there.  This year the trip was enhanced by meeting up with good friends, Karen and Ellen, whom I miss considerably, since they relocated to Yorkshire.  Shared time is precious, and I love how we trip seamlessly into the same relaxedness we had when we spent so much of our daily lives together. Life is so busy, and time so demanded by different influences, that I really appreciate when we do get together. And I want to know how come Karen never , ever looks any older than previous, when I do!  The pictures , when we got to them, were a delight.  The previous two years had not thrilled me to the same measure, but this year has got me back on board.  There was lots of interest, and more than a handful of paintings and photographs, that I would gladly hang on my walls. If you have the opportunity before August 15th, take a trip, it’s a treat.

Then on to Covent Garden to round the day off with a lovely meal al fresco, watching the world and his wife pass by.  Under a glorious sky. London at it’s best. And pizza.

Why can’t all Mondays be like this!


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