Writing it down


I still have managed to miss some of the poems I wanted to include,  simply by dipping in and out of this project , and not focusing on the final proof. Whoops!  Still, maybe there’s a silver lining, and opportunities for further editions!  The ones I have included have been written over a period of about ten years or so.  It’s quite interesting looking back and re-reading, I definitely see some sort of progress, so that can only be good.  It is such an unfashionable occupation,  the moment you ‘come out’ to enjoying writing poetry, you see eyes glaze over.  Such a shame, since poetry has given me some of the most powerful messages of shared humanity I have experienced.  Reading poetry can be as moving as music, as funny as funny, and as cringeworthy as can be imagined. It is the same as anything; not all apples are delicious, and some that I think are worth crunching, would be thrown in the compost bin by others.  But cut some slack, try some and see if its to taste


I like to hear from you, so tell me what you think.

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