Losing it.

What is it about these little critters that makes me want them so?  They are origami babies of Robert J Lang, and if you want to coo over more of his creations , then amble over here, http://www.langorigami.com/art/gallery/gallery.php4?name=rabbit They are here in the world, and I would love one to come and live with me.  I am going to fold paper forever, until I get to make some resemblance of Digger, my hound.  I had a knitted version of him, but lost it visiting my mother in law in hospital.  Maybe he stayed to keep her company.

I have a habit of losing things, my step-son has affectionately renamed me ‘loser’, and it fits. Earrings do not stand a chance of remaining paired, socks suffering the same unfortunate fate. Keys have abandonment issues in my house, but generally are reunited within a reasonable time frame, dependent on how quickly anyone needs me out of the house. Losing things is annoying, and can lead to desperate consequences, but by far the worst loss is my head.  I am in a constant state of losing my train of thought, and cannot blame it on senility yet.  I don’t think. So there you have it. Losing myself in the act of writing.  I love it. Talk later, cheerio for now.

Wanted to show you a poem about losing things, but I can’t find it anywhere, and that’s just annoying!! Will trawl through the books tonight, and get distracted by a million and one others. Perhaps it will be the beginning of another poem, a birth awaits!


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