Taking liberties

What do you do when every movement shrieks at you?  Today is not a good day health wise, and the last couple have been a struggle.  I have retreated to the p.c to indulge in some distraction, and it has taken the edge off.  The dog is complaining since he wants to be having fun somewhere, but unfortunately he is the loser today.  Managing to feed the family and stock  up at Sainsburys has depleted my energy level to a minus, but I refuse to be bed ridden yet.  Fighting the good fight, who ever said it would be easy?  Anyway, gripes over with, I have sought to produce a couple of pictures which take their complete inspiration from Edward Hopper , because I love his style, and it completely mirrors my mood.  The Venice picture is a bastardized version of a photograph my lovely niece had taken .  I remastered it, doctoring it slightly so I am in a gondola.  That would be tickety boo, but will settle for the virtual reality today.   The opportunity to produce reasonable images with digital photography, and the plagiarisation of renowned masters makes for a fun afternoon. Hey ho, why don’t you have a go?  I am going to plunder my albums and replace Holbeins Ambassadors with my boys next. Can’t wait to see how that one turns out. Enjoy the weekend peeps, and keep coming back for more.  ( I love having feedback from you, thanks!!)


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