Only love remains.

Watched the Terry Pratchett documentary on assisted dying.  I thought it was a wonderfully made, loving response to inevitable mortality.  I hope we can start to talk more openly about the last taboo, in order that we can have meaningful dialogues with our families about how we view death.  It inevitably runs into the question of how we see our lives.  That is the inspiration for my video. I want to think about these matters today, and then when tomorrow comes, it won’t seem so scary for me or my loved ones.

After a visit to Vincent

Live well today and  plan your death.
By which I do not mean farewell
to and by the grieving. Instead I urge;
be thoughtful of that hour, and know
it will be nearer than desired.

So that now is ever beautiful
and the breath is full and felt.

Look to Seneca and Rumi;

then turn to your heart,

the depth trawled too quick, too soon.

Go back and linger, rest; know

that waiting is itself a journey for the mind.

Death is with us, as we breathe our first,

the only known, in an unknown universe.

I wrote this a while ago, but very appropriate to the thrust of the post. Sorry about the poor format, but I couldn’t get the computer to do as I told it.


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