Flower Power


I really need to put a frame around this image, and will have to sort that out , anyway, I have been working on flower images today, and am really pleased with the results.  What I need to do is sort out somewhere where I can publish them as cards, as doing them as hand-mades is very time consuming , with very little reward.  My friends and mum get a good deal, as they get one offs for no more than it costs to go to a supermarket, but I don’t feel I want to make any profit from them, so I just recoup my costs of materials.  If any of you know any contacts for publishing cards, I would be really interested.  I am building a portfolio, and getting there slowly.  The pastime is enjoyable anyway, and I doubt I will ever rival Hallmark.   Anyway, I thought I would share my endeavours today, as I have nothing of import to impart, and a few chores to get to. 


2 thoughts on “Flower Power

  1. Lovely images Anne – they would look great on a card -I’m sure you can figure out how to get them printed onto one. For my canyon images I went to a printer to get a bulk order with fantastic inks and matt paper – came out a lot better than I could do at home.


    1. It really comes down to motivation, do I really want to invest money and time in trying to sell cards? What I like doing , is the making of the image. If they never get transposed to cards, who cares!! Chris bought me a fab picture for my birthday. He had to buy the original, as the artist didnt do repro. When I asked him why not, he said the same thing. Theres only so much time, so spend it on what you need to, not what necessarily brings in anything. (like income, applause etc!) That would be nice though! See you on 4th, will spk later.xxAnne


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