Kitchen clutter.


If you are new to my blog, I need to get you up to speed.  Putting myself out there, I am letting you all into our home, and showing you the images that hang in my home.  I have loved collecting pictures since being a young adult, have loved sharing them with friends, have loved looking at the collections in galleries, in exhibitions, cafes, homes.  It is as interesting to me as coming across someones book collection, another favourite.  Part of me is up there, on those walls.  This one hangs in my kitchen, and is a portrait I painted of my youngest son.  He was probably about twelve when I did it, and now he is a strapping fifteen year old.  He is sunshine.

This is close by, and is a self portrait by my eldest.  I love it.

………..and a sand horse by the same artist.  I have never seen a sand horse, but if I come across one, I will know what it is now.  Helpful. And brilliant.

I have a couple of these prints, chosen in memory of my dog Trudy, who was my confidante, friend, cuddler when I was a youngster.  She was a runt of a litter, feisty, loyal and full of spirit.  Westies are like that.  I have a different dog now, and consequently walk regularly, and meet other dog lovers all the time.  I love it when we come across a West Highland.  It always takes me back to that special relationship between young teen and dog.  Special.

Then there’s photos. Everywhere. Literally everywhere. We don’t have enough house-room for all the images I would like to hang that husband Chris has taken.  He loves immersing himself in the capture , and for me, they take me back to places of shared memory.  And I love his eye for shape and colour.  I like it so much I made a book for him, just with his photos in, no words. (not easy for me) . If you’re  interested you can see it here You don’t need to buy it to look at it!!  I love ‘Blurb’, it is an amazing opportunity to put into print any project you’r e on at a reasonable price.

The kitchen is a great place to surround yourself with the personal portraits , and the bits and bobs that the kids bring home .  Somehow they never get removed, but add to the debris that collects there; on top of the piano are family photos, shells, jewellery that;s broken, pots that are broken, headphones (broken) , etc, etc. Not that many recipe books, funny that.

We picked up this ceramic when we were holidaying on the Isle of Skye.  I hang it on the wall so I can see it, rather than hide it away.  It has been joined over the years by cups and jugs in the same series. It is part of our ritual now, to visit Edinbane Pottery and add to the collection.  It is by a potter,Stuart who has drawn on the elements for his inspiration , and  is called Ebb and Flow.  The complete range of ceramics they produce can be seen here

That’s the tour of the kitchen,  without the glimmer of a hob or a sink, as I am no Domestic Goddess. You’re more likely to trip over the dog bowls than a Magimix, but each to their own.  Thanks for coming. See you soon,


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