Good Monday.

Aha!! You want one don’t you?  I’m not sure whether the medicalisation of chocolate is SUCH a good idea,  but it has it’s attractions. When I went over to the website, at Zotter , the babies weren’t on sale yet. What’s going on?  Nice thought though.  I am actually trying to avoid the substance anyway, so I can bear my own disappointment.  Sorry to raise your hopes, only to dash them down. Just to make up for that, I shall gift you another shot of loveliness, but this is a video shot. So clever,

Did you like it?  Got my daily dose of silliness over with now, and can settle down into the day.  Have a great week all of you, will be popping back later. In the meantime, let’s celebrate the beginning of a new week, and hope that it brings its triumphs. Here’s a glass to  you all;


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