Day of Rapture, still in state of euphoria.

Ho hum,   Still kicking over the traces here in the middle of UK, A beautiful, sunny, blustery day outside, and the dog is patiently waiting his delayed morning walk.  I came across this wacky joke on a blog I enjoy, ‘SheWalksSoftly’, and thought I would share with you. Meanwhile, I intend to get my mum up and running on the internet, so she can spend her days picking out the random curiosities that inhabit the airwaves, or whatever they are. Airwaves? Dunno. Someone will undoubtedly enlighten me. I wonder what the man will do, who was so convinced about the demise of us all today, when he wakes up tomorrow morning. Will he be disappointed we are all still here, eating our cereals, and picking up the debris from the morning breakfast table.  Fraught that multiple floods havn’t caused mass homelessness and loss of life.  Bite into a croissant, and think ‘C’est la vie?’  . What’s he going to tell all his followers?  Did he get the date wrong, or did God get it wrong? Will he be distressed that 6 billion of us are still finding time to take a shower, go shopping, cook the meals? Whoops , forgot to fit in a catastrophe this morning. Ho hey. Stay alive fellow beings.  Enjoy the day/week/month/year/decade/lifetime.


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