Skye’s the limit.

photogaphy, Thoughts, travel

Here is a tiny bit of Skye, seen from the side of a small boat, on a trip from Elgol., and experienced in brilliant sunshine.  Chris and I love spending time here,  it has a quality about it that enables us to shrug off the everyday cares and anxieties, and immerse ourself in just being , in the midst of mountains and rocks, light, and sometimes appalling weather conditions.  This trip we were delighted not to have to don the weatherproofs, and to literally bask in spring sunshine,  paddle in the cooling waters of the ocean.  I love the way time has no consequence when we are here,  we can spend hours simply mooching along the rocky shore of one of the bays, photographing the sand patterns , or the rock pools.

The journey here is along one, about ten hours of car driving, but that doesn’t seem onerous.  We often overnight in  the borders,  at a small inn that has been attracting visitors since the poet Robert Burns stayed there.  It has a room dedicated to him.  The history of Scotland is a war torn, messy one, and the places and people are steeped in it.  There is still some feeling of resentment that goes back to the Highland clearances, and the landscape is littered with small castles that contain the tales of clan heritage.  Man has made some mark on the highlands, but in comparison to the landscape, man can do nothing but admit his own inconsequence. That is another reason I like spending time here. Boat trip from Elgol, Isle of Skye


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