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just hanging. by anne corr

Just returned from a few days spent in wonderful relaxation on the Isle of Skye.  I was inspired by my visit to Eilan Donan Castle,  where we were able to wander around the rooms , wonderfully restored in the 1930’s , and ruminate on times past, times spent by people we never knew, in lives we can only dream about now.  The castle goes way back into the eleventh century, and the atmosphere is captivating.  Nooks and crannies everywhere, flights of stone steps winding to window seats where watchers will have dreamt their dreams , keeping one eye on the horizon for marauding ships.  The castle was surrounded by water, and in centuries past, the waterways would have been as busy as our roads are now.

Beyond the the castle, the lakes and the mountains are as magical as ever, and as restorative. I love this land.

                                                                                                 In Time and Place

Landscape holds dominion here;

rock and light; half-light,

cloud  and shadow. Moving,

sweeping , ever-changing,

ever time-less.

I came here

broken; heart grieving life losses

(disconsolate, bereft).

Time locked down, moved on

was gone elsewhere.


I was still; silenced, petrified.

Rock, stone, light became as

near to enchantment as life.

The breath of the wind, and

flight of the mist kissed me,

mired in sadness, mourning for

what is not, the fantasies of

a mortal mind. All that has gone before,

here, remains, in the heart of stone,

in the spirit of trees, blazened

across sides of mountains,

gushing and rushing
in waterfalls

fierce as thunder.

 I am rock,
and stone, grass and water,

sand and mist. Timeless, changed.

Here, and here, alone.

Anne Corr


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