Watching the world go by.

albatros on sea front

Birds are good at this, and dogs,  have you noticed how content they are just to be in the now?  Content to rest just until the next pang of hunger drives them to forage.  Digger, who is my dog, has cornered the market in contented dossing.  I often wonder what goes through that little brain of his. He is so clearly able to have conscious thought, because when he is bored, he knows he is, and comes to fetch me. When he’s hungry, he has enough brain matter to up the communication, and literally points me to the dinner bowl.  When my health is low, he is able to compromise, and knows enough not to nag me on those occasions.  That’s quite a lot of brain power for a little fella.  Any dog owner can tell stories of dog doolery, where they have amazed their keepers with their capabilities.  I want to know if I can teach him to tidy up for me. At least pair up the socks. Just a small contribution to the household.  I think he thinks he is on guard duty, but that is pretty laughable.  He shows his goofy teeth, and all hope of setting anxiety up is gone.  And I have told him that, but like the other occupants of our house, he suffers from selective deafness.  Back to the point,  living in the now. It’s all we have, all we know, the beautiful, mad, absurd, confusing, painful now.  It’s all we’ve got.  It is what seperates us from the animals,  the knowledge of our mortality. We know we will die.  It is the driver to pursue our dreams. Acceptance of a finite time is a step toward living fully, living in the present.  Live the way you want to, today. Be the person you want to be, today. Tomorrow doesn’t exist.




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