The value of night, the gift of sleep.

Edward Hopper Night Windows

” We are such stuff

As dreams are made on, ond our little life

Is rounded with a sleep.”

The Tempest IV  i               William Shakespeare

The timelessness of Shakespeare  allows his words to resonate with all of us, in all manner of experience.  I like how artists transcend time and place.  Englands most famous, most revered wordsmith juxtaposing perfectly with the American , Edward Hopper, and his Night Windows.  We were at an exhibition of Hoppers a few years ago,  and what I remember most is the sense of deep isolation of the painter.  He was a master with colour, and imbued a cinematic quality in his work.  But his mastery was in communicating the humanity in the pictures, a moving , terrible isolation that can befall any of us, all of us, wherever, whenever.  I hope his engagement in creating his work helped diminish his very human pain.  He would have welcomed sleep,  I think.

Western Motel    Edward HopperWestern Motel     E Hopper


Morning Sun By Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper Sketch for Office in a small city


Intermission    E Hopper


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