I have something to say to you, today.

Digitally enhancedBlue skies are here again, and I can sense the sap is rising all around.  I have been amazed at how much talent there is to dip into , browsing through the pages of blogs .  There is creativity all around us every day, and it is overwhelming.  It is so easy to think that your own small creations are too insignificant to matter, but what I am learning every day, is how the process of producing anything at all is the excitement.  The distraction of relaxing into simply messing about removes the ego somehow, and life feels calmer, more graceful, and more complete.  I have been dogged by not being able to apply myself, some of that is energy related, and not in my control, and some of that is the consideration that my contribution is so pale and insignificant when there is mastery out there producing music and painting and poetry . sculpture and jewellery, literature and all manner of things. It is the capture that is the main essence, and the by product is not quite inconsequential.  When I heard Pink Floyd play, I was bowled over by the breadth and depth of their mastery, and their creativity, and I was sad for them, that they could never hear the end product in the same way that I was, new to it, virgin.  They had begun with seeds of that end product, and worked it and worked it. They never heard the final versions as fresh, uncut.  So there is joy in both ends of the creative spectrum, processor and recipient.  I like being in the world in 2011, and the skies blue.

I need to show you this, it is important, and should be played to all humanity everywhere, on a projector in the sky. How good would that be? It will come to be, probably. I read a very brave blog by Inkspot, which unwrapped her vulnerability, and it reminded me of this talk about how we enter into the meaningfulness of being human, when we show waht it is to be vulnerable.   If you do one thing this weekend,  take a few minutes to hear this talk. You won’t be sorry.  “Be the change you want to see in the world”  Gandhi.



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