paint your day

What a triumph!   I woke too early, and feeling pain today, felt blue, and decided to turn attention to something that required little physical exertion on my part.  So glad I did, this turned out as well as I could have expected it to.  It takes me back to a summer trip to Kew , and that languid relaxation when you are with the one you love, doing very little  and just taking in the atmosphere.  The weather had been perfect for us, blinding bright, but not stifling hot, bring ing out the bees and the butterflies.  We will be back there before too long.  I love the digital age, where your view is the one that can be taken, and then expressed in a multitude of ways, using the software programmes now available. I would love to paint this image, but the execution never turns out as I plan.  That can be a process I get lost in too, but to have an image that reflects how I want it seen by others is exciting to me.  If I was rich, I would invest in the technology that  image to textiles, and design fabric.  Image and texture, what a playground.  Another life perhaps, one where I have the energy to study a college course full time. That would be good.  This life is good too though, limited in a sense, but full of such great opportunities.

I see A.C.Grayling has written another book, using the Bible as it’s inspiration, it mimics the format, but replaces the religious content, with a humanist philosophy. I have yet to read it, but applaud the sentiment.  In fact, it is a book I wanted to write, since having embraced atheism.  I no longer accept a religious creed as being a reasonable determinant of my moral compass, but I think that people do need the wisdom of experience, and the understanding of mentors, to be able to steer themselves through the currents we all encounter.  Moving from a religious standpoint to a secular one does not demand an abandonment of principles and values.  I consider it more likely that a secular thinker could be more capable of the attitude and actions we consider desirable, since they are more likely to have reflected on what they do and how they do it. If our culture demands or expects a particular stance, then the community can become ‘lazy’ thinkers, following leaders of a creed , rather than thinking out the individual challenges life entails. As Socrates told us ” the unexamined life is not worth living.”

In that spirit, I will be exploring A.C.Graylings volume, inspired by a quotation from it ,  “Seek the good in all things; harm no others; help the needy; think for yourself; take responsibility; respect nature; do your utmost; be informed; be courageous.”


I like to hear from you, so tell me what you think.

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