Another goal met!


The time had come, to  make today count, and so I have completed the first edition of Chris’s wonderful photo’s. Of course they are all my choice, and not his, so some of the  artistic integrity had to be released, and thats hard for a pefectionist. I have promised to butt out and let him publish his own work himself, when he retires, but until then he has to take the pictures and not mess about with them afterwards. That way I get to join in the fun.  And it is fun, it’s like having a paint box without the mess, and creating something worthy of being seen, without having to spend the time and energy getting soaked to the skin, or freezing to the bone, waiting for inspiration.  My compromise on artistic integrity was to let the pictures do the story telling, and not create another narrative by adding words, which is something I am wont to do. Mangaged it. Not a pipsqueak from me, not even an appendix explaining what was where. Ha!  Turn a page, and think of us having fun.



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