Spring has sprung

We are here again, at last, in the spring of the year, and relieved to find the cycle beginning again. All the trials  and difficulties remain, but spring has sprung, and that bud of hope and transformation touches us all. It’s natural to have our thoughts directed abroad, when the sizes of the catastrophes are so tremendous, and the consequences so devastating to so many.  We are ,by virtue of being human, bound to consider the horror, and share the pain of everyone suffering loss or forced change. Those attributes that make us human also make it possible to lood forward with hope. ‘Be the good you want to be in the world’ , Gandhi shows, as well as tells.  What remains in my heart, is the desire to be the person I most want to be, and that will involve change. Looking outward is necessary, to stay in touch with an ever changing world, to involve ourselves in the changes. But what often is overlooked in the hurly burly of a complex, increasingly sophisticated world, is the essential act of inward reflection, the need to remind ourselves that the change we can effect is within ourselves, and the impact of that change will be felt exponentially.

And now , to lighten your day, I proudly present Noah and the Whale, Make time!



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